Blanket Benefits

  • GOOD FOR ALL SEASONS - Our blankets are the perfect medium-weight security blanket. It’s warm enough to block the wind and keep them cozy on a brisk stroller walk while still being breathable to use on warm days when they simply want to cuddle at nap-time.
  • THE BEST TRAVEL COMPANION - On the go it’s they way to go! The Humble Bébé blanket rolls up tight to fit into your already crowded bag.
  • GENIUS LEVEL - Can a blanket make your baby smarter? The bold contrasting charcoal & white print stimulates curiosity, sensory and brain development. So, it just might!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT - Moms can never have enough blankets and this one will be their favorite. Humble Bebe’s geometric print is trendy and modern yet universal enough to fit any lifestyle. Did we mention how soft it is? Your gift will be the one they talk about.