sarah azad family
My name Sarah Garcia Azad, wife and mother to two little boys (Darius 2.5 years & Cyrus 11 months old) and founder of Humble Bebe, My hope is to take the confusion out of cloth diapering your child by developing quality, effective products using my expert knowledge gained after 15 years as a product developer. 


After cloth diapering my own boys, I truly believe it's one of the healthiest practices both for your baby and for this beautiful planet. What a lovely gift to Mother Earth then to keep 3000-5000 non-biodegradable diapers from entering our land fills with each child that we diaper. I believe with the right products in hand, the whole process of cloth diapering can be much easier then you imagined and I feel it's my job to deliver those products to you.

I was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California with my 6 siblings, Mom and Dad. My father was in the scrap metal recycling business so we learned at an early age that "junk" is what provided for our family and that adopting a lifelong commitment to reuse and recycle was not only an honorable thing but also something our world deserves. With this, i knew that once I started my own family that this reuse & recycle philosophy was something that I wanted to pass on to my own kids....hence Humble Bebe diapers were born! 

    I have tried and tested just about every cloth diapering system on the market and after extensive research I have developed these pre-fold diapers to offer a universal infant-to-toddler size so you can get the most use from your cloth diapers and avoid so much of the newborn-infant-toddler sizes that not only cause confusion but also a ton of waste as you little ones so quickly gown out of them. These are only the first of many other products currently in development so stay tuned for some exciting new products launching soon!