humbled by motherhood

Sarah Azad with her boys

We believe in what’s most important … our planet, your baby and your sanity.

Our founder, Sarah Garcia Azad is the mother of two little boys and an award winning product developer. Humbled by motherhood and our beautiful planet she founded Humble Bébé a company that creates earth-thoughtful products for what your babies do.

Eat. Sleep. Poop. Travel.

Each of our products were created because Sarah saw a need to make her life and yours easier with little ones.

While trying to juggle a toddler on her hip and a baby in her umbrella stroller Sarah said the same thing women have been saying for years, “This sh*t is impossible.” Then she got busy creating the Stroller Bar and made it possible for you to maneuver your umbrella stroller one-handed with ease.

The Sip N Snug was created out of her need to keep moving while feeding her babies. In the car, in the stroller or just across the room, the Sip N Snug makes it possible for you to do two things at once.

From cloth diapers to your baby’s favorite lovely, Humble Bebe has what you need for what your baby does.